About Us

Making energy conservation a worldwide motivation

As a powerhouse of three power providing leaders, Legrand, the French integrated power specialist, Borri, the Italian UPS manufacturer, and Elcos, the Italian power generators. We’re committed to supplying your industry with clean, uninterrupted and reliable energy supply.

Discover who we are, our family of brands, the leadership team and our strategic sponsorships to understand how 01 Electronics is powering the next industry revolution.




Who We Are

As an industrial and commercial power products supplier, general and industrial contractor and construction services integrator, 01 Electronics supports industries, local governments and public sector organizations through every step of their industrial development

Our Mission

With the combined power of three industry leaders: Legrand, Borri and Elcos, we’re committed to transforming industries all over Egypt with world-class power technologies.

Our Vision

We believe that the peak of the industrial revolution comes from getting the eligible energy and power it deserves.

Our Promise

Our Business is about improving yours, and we believe that clean and stable energy is the key of your industry revolution.