UPS 10-20 kVA 3/1 – 3/3


Single-phase output Uninterruptible Power Supplies for small and medium data centers, servers, network and telecom devices, safety and emergency systems, building automation, medical equipment.

  • Small size and high power density
  • Paralleled solutions up to 120 kVA
  • High autonomy times capability
  • Customization for harsh environment applications


  • Minimum amount of installation space: this series features extremely small dimensions and one of the lowest footprint in its range.
  • Low running cost: high efficiency and ECO mode reduce overall power losses and thus energy costs.
  • No electrical system oversizing: full IGBT technology providing smooth sinusoidal input current cuts all system oversizing costs.
  • Easy commissioning and quick maintenance: removable power modules and simple handling for low installation and service times.



  • Online double conversion UPS, VFI-SS-111 classification as per IEC EN 62040-3.
  • ECO mode and transformer free design for reduced running costs and low environmental impact.
  • Removable power modules architecture, positioning wheels and built-in diagnostics for easy maintenance and extremely low MTTR.
  • Full IGBT technology and electronic PFC, ensuring 0.99 input PF and THDi <3% for maximum upstream sources compatibility.
  • Accurate battery management providing ripple current minimization charge current/voltage control as per batteries manufacturers’ specifications and automatic/manual battery test for maximum battery expected life preservation.
  • High power battery charger, giving long autonomy and low charging time.
  • Dual DSP plus microcontroller logics for top performance and reliability.
  • CAN-bus based distributed parallel control ensuring high load sharing accuracy and no single point of failure in parallel systems.
  • Comprehensive set of communication options for total remote monitoring of equipment operation.
  • Fully compliance with all international product standards for maximum quality guarantee.