UPS 60-300 kVA 3/3


The three-phase B9000FXS transformer-based UPS  has been designed for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, safety and emergency systems, process control devices and machine tooling, critical infrastructures, medical equipment, smalle and medium data center monolithic power protection.

  • Rugged design and high reliability
  • Paralleled solutions up to 1.8 MVA
  • Optimized system configuration for critical power applications
  • Customization for specific process applications



  • Optimized installation space: accurate airflow design preventing positioning costraints provides free system layout design to fully take advantage of the available installation area.
  • Low running cost: high efficiency and ECO mode reduce overall power losses and thus energy costs.
  • No electrical system oversizing: full IGBT technology providing smooth sinusoidal input current cuts all system oversizing costs.
  • Minimum maintenance costs: full front accessibility to all components and high material quality extremely reduce servicing.



  • Online double conversion UPS, VFI-SS-111 classification as per IEC EN 62040-3.
  • High double conversion efficiency and ECO mode for low running costs and low environmental impact.
  • Built-in inverter transformer for DC-AC galvanic protection of industrial type loads.
  • Hot connection/disconnection of paralleled units for easy system resizing.
  • Full IGBT technology and electronic PFC, ensuring 0.99 input PF and THDi <3% for maximum upstream sources compatibility.
  • Accurate battery management providing ripple current minimization charge current/voltage control as per batteries manufacturers’ specifications and automatic/manual battery test for maximum battery expected life preservation.
  • Dynamic Charging Mode (DCM) for maximum versatility in long autonomy and low charging time applications.
  • Smart parallel management in load sharing or load synchronization of two UPS and load synchronization of two paralleled systems for optimum protection.
  • Power and redundant parallel configurations with distributed or centralized static bypass for high fault current management.
  • Dual DSP plus microcontroller logics for top performance and reliability.
  • CAN-bus based distributed parallel control ensuring high load sharing accuracy and no single point of failure in parallel systems.
  • Comprehensive set of communication options for total remote monitoring of equipment operation.
  • Fully compliance with all international product standards for maximum quality guarantee.