UPS 30-160 kVA 3/3


Low TCO, efficient and compact solution for supplying reliable uninterrupted quality power to all critical applications in networking and small to medium data center, health, finance, industrial processing, building and transportation markets and for TLC.

Featuring Green Conversion patented technology, INGENIO PLUS provides high efficiency even at light loads and ensures 100% battery expected life, thus ensuring low opex and capex savings.



  • Continuous savings with Green Conversion patented technology, providing high efficiency and UPS critical components’ life care.
  • No costs related to electrical infrastructure oversizing and power factor correction thanks to its 0.99 input PF.
  • Reduced commissioning and floor space related costs and lower environmental footprint with transformer free design and common battery management option.
  • Maximum availability during mains failure thanks to cold start option.
  • High flexibility for all types of loads with full output power rating and different high efficiency operating modes.




  • Green Conversion technology, high efficiency even at light load and the lowest TCO in its category.
  • Ultra High Efficiency mode option, the ultimate innovation protecting high immunity grade applications, providing 99% efficiency and lowest operational expenditure.
  • Full rated output power, ensuring optimal UPS sizing and utilization.
  • Transformer free design for compact, light and sustainable systems.
  • Full IGBT technology and electronic PFC, ensuring 0.99 input PF and THDi <3% for maximum upstream sources compatibility.
  • Dynamic Charging Mode (DCM) for maximum versatility in long autonomy and low charging time applications.
  • Common battery management option for even more compact and cost saving UPS systems.
  • Cold start option, assuring highest availability during mains failures.
  • Comprehensive set of communication options for total remote monitoring of equipment operation.