STS 300

STS 300

Centralized Static Transfer Switches
STS 100-3000 A 3 phase


Three-phase and single-phase static transfer switches for seamless load transfer in dual path power systems.

  • Rugged design and high reliability
  • Solutions up to 3000 A
  • Optimized system configuration for ICT applications
  • Customization for harsh environment and specific applications


  • Total control over load transfer: continuous source monitoring and robust management logic guarantee disturbance free power transfers to downstream critical loads.
  • High overload capability: industrial derivation design providing high overload capability and high fault current management.
  • Enhanced safety: redundant control logic and embedded backfeed protection for complete system and operator safety.
  • Minimum maintenance costs: full front accessibility to all components and high material quality extremely reduce servicing


  • Continuous monitoring of voltage and frequency and automatic instant transfers for secure power switching without cross connection between sources.
  • Short circuit transfer inhibit for robust load protection.
  • SCR fault detection and backfeed protection for maximum upstream safety.
  • Dual manual bypass for complete source independence during maintenance.
  • True oversized neutral (2x In), redundant cooling with monitored fans and redundant (3x3) internal power supply in all system control boards for top product reliability in high availability applications.
  • Full front access for easy maintenance.
  • Bottom and top cable entry for maximum installation versatility.
  • Comprehensive set of communication options for total remote monitoring of equipment operation.
  • Fully compliance with all international product standards for maximum quality guarantee.