Power Stations Project

Power Stations Project

Power Stations Project

01 Electronics have experienced manpower in the Field of consultancy, engineering, procurement, construction, site supervision, testing, commissioning and startup of the electromechanical projects for industrial sector and high voltage substation For example 220/22/22 KV Substation.

FOR (switch gear 220 KV& 22 KV, Control, protection, AC/DC, communication and other Panels related to GIS operation, Power transformers, Medium voltage cables, AND Low voltage and control cables)

Power Stations reference:

Installation services.
KAYAN 110 220/22/22KV Substation

Power Stations Project -01electronics


S1 500/220/66/22kV S/S at New Capital

Power Stations Project-01electronics                                    Power Stations Project-01electronics


New Capital Combined Cycle Power Plant (4800 MW)

Power Stations Project-01electronics